Adorable Baby Beau ~ {Newborn Boy Photography – Tennessee}

My name is Adorable Baby Beau (or at least that’s what the photographers kept calling me)!  Apparently, I was just a “dream doll” for my newborn session with my beautiful hair! Don’t they know it’s embarrassing to call me adorable and a dream doll?!…Oh well, I’m not complaining…I do look pretty cool in this knit hat, right?  And luckily my big brother brought my baseball glove and my UT hat to help balance out the “cuteness”.  :-)

IMG_1674fbEdwards Photography Studios

Edwards Photography Newborn

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Baby Nathanial ~ {Baby Photography – Middle TN}

Hello world!

My name is Nathanial!  Let me tell you..I’m so happy to be here and I think my parents would say the same!  I mean look at how they look at me!…I’ve definitely stolen their hearts!  Who can blame them…with my adorable lips and precious hair?!  I think I’ll keep up this baby thing…soooo much attention!  :D

Baby Samuel – {Nashville Newborn Boy Photography}

Hi everyone!

My name is Samuel and I am as sweet as pie!  In case you can’t tell I’m a big Titans fan and even bigger Alabama fan!  Just don’t hate me because I love Crimson!  One of my photographers (I won’t say which one as to protect their identity) sure had a lot of fun with my Bama blankie..between you and me I didn’t think she would ever stop photographing it!  Also…I love trains and my favorite color besides crimson is blue.  ROLL TIDE!:-)


I have worked with Amber’s mom (Dena) for most of the last 12 years, so I have been able to follow along with the amazing life of her daughter and family.

When Dena told me Amber and Nathan were about to begin another adoption process, it did and didn’t  surprise me.  Three of their 4 children are adopted, and I know how big their hearts are, and how strong their faith is.  However; I had followed along with their most recent adoption of Anna Gray from the Ukraine and watched how long, strenuous, and expensive it was.  Which led me to  ask….”Really? Another one? China?” 

Dena then told me that Amber’s response to that had been “Mom, I put leftovers in the refrigerator every night.”

Leftovers.  It was that simple.

I truly believe most people have a desire to make a difference in the world, but it can be overwhelming trying to decide what to do, who to do it for, etc.  and simply helping one child doesn’t seem like much.  Think about it, though.  Giving this one boy a chance at a loving family changes HIS world.  Totally.  Completely.

Angelynn and I are on a mission to bring Nicholas home, and we need your help.  How?

1. Book a newborn session through us!  We will donate $100 for every newborn session booked in April, regardless of your due date.

2. Not expecting?  Consider a simple donation here:

3. Pass this along to an expectant friend

4. Share it on your own Facebook, etc.

Please join us in this journey!  Let’s help the West family do something amazing with their leftovers!

(photos from Amber West)


Beautiful Baby Sadie – {Nashville Newborn Girl Photography – Valentine }

Hi…my name is Baby Sadie.  I arrived just in time for my parents to fall in love with me before Valentine’s Day!  My favorite colors are yellow and gray, but because the photographers and I had so much fun, we kept going!…red, lavender, turquoise, and white.  I just look good in everything…what can I say?!  :-)