Sweet Baby Nora Kate – {Newborn girl photography – Nashville}

Hi everyone!

My name is Nora Kate and I just joined this beautiful world!  I’ve already been treated like royalty and it’s pretty amazing!  I even have my own homemade beautiful knit blankie.  Pink is totally my color and my favorite flower is tulips!  I guess you could say I’m a girlie girl…do the pretty jewels give it away?

Newborn Girl Pink TulipsNewborn Girl PhotographerNewborn Girl Rhinestone

Hand Newborn PhotoNewborn Nashville Photography Pink Knit Blanket

Cute Baby Conner – {Newborn Boy Photography}

Well hello everyone!

My name is Conner!  I’m new to this whole modeling thing, but I must admit I had a very relaxing experience.  I slept like a baby (no pun intended). The photographers kept the room warm and toasty…I couldn’t even keep my eyes open.  I kept hearing them whisper how cute I was and wouldn’t stop talking about my cheeks, but I didn’t care…  I was just happy to be there!  :-)

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Newborn Boy Photography 2



Sitting in the hotel in Denver (waiting on dinner) and it dawned on me that I never updated my last blog from a month ago.  When I was here last, it was for the initial testing for our 3rd (and final) embryo.  I had hoped that everything would go as planned, and they would clear us for transfer, but that wasn’t quite the way it worked out.  Apparently I have some scar tissue and some sort of “mass” that needs to be “cleaned out” in order to give our little ice baby the best chance, so here I am.

Surgery has been scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7:45am, but should be very short and simple.  I’m having a harder time dealing with the fact that I have to get an IV tomorrow than I am with the procedure itself!  You would think with nearly 300 injections and nearly 100 blood draws under my belt I would be rockstar with needles, but not even close!  I still don’t go near a needle without at least an hour under a bandaid with lidocaine cream!  However, I’m not the one who needed apple juice this morning during some routine blood work that Brandon and I had to update.  hahahahaha!!  Truth be told – I almost passed out from a simple finger prick that I wasn’t expecting!  (yes, I would have covered my finger tip with lidocaine cream had I known!!)

They require a 6 week recovery time before allowing for a transfer, which is perfectly fine since we hadn’t planned on doing it until August/September.

Anyway – there’s the update!  Say a little prayer that they get everything, and we get to go home Wednesday!  I already miss my babies terribly!!

Angel Baby Audrey – {Nashville Newborn Photography – Girl }

Hi everyone!

I’m Miss Audrey and if you can’t already tell I am an absolute doll!  I had so much fun playing dress up with the photographers for my first photo shoot! Diamonds, pearls, headbands, bracelets and crowns…you name it..I can showcase it!  My mommy even brought her banjo for some fun pics…maybe one day I will be performing with her banjo and some beautiful jewels!  :-)   While I love everything girlie, I couldn’t resist showing off my camouflage tutu…pretty cute right?!

Oh and PS – My mommy is an amazing chef and makes cakes that are out of this world… https://www.facebook.com/MandyCake

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Wonderful Baby Wyatt {Newborn Boy Photography – Middle TN}

Hello World!

My name is Wyatt and I am so glad to be here!  I am a huge Purdue fan and love black & gold.  I am everything boy and especially love football!  My dad is a police officer and my hero without question.  He even let me borrow his wedding tie for my first photo shoot.  Although I may look like a little tough guy, I will always be my mama’s sweet little boy!

Newborn boy photography
Police Baby Boy

Purdue Newborn Baby BoyNewborn Baby Wedding Tie

Newborn Baby boy Edwards Photography StudiosNewborn Photography Nashville